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Halogen Surgical Light


LED Surgical Light


LED Film Viewer


LED Examination Light


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Bowin Medical Co., Ltd. established by a R&D team with more than 20 years experience and a marketing team with more than 10 yeas, engage in medical illumination, now we can offer:
l  LED Shadowless Surgical Lamp
l  Complete Reflector Shadowless Surgical Lamp

Medical medical apparatus and instruments exhibition of... 2014-4-2 
BOWIN MEDICAL will attend FIME MIAMI during Aug.10th to... 2010-11-10 
The Sugical Lighting System have been registered in the... 2010-11-2 
BOWIN MEDICAL will attend Arab Health during Jan.24th t... 2010-11-2 
BOWIN MEDICAL will attend Medica D??sseldorf during Nov.... 2010-11-1 

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